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  1. La revue pour l'histoire du CNRS

  2. La Comit? pour l'histoire du CNRS

  3. A Conversation with John Nelder
    by Stephen Senn
    Statist. Sci. Volume 18, Issue 1 (2003), 118-131.

  4. Prof John Nelder's 80th birthday celebration

  5. The Agriculture Bill 1985 (Second reading)

  6. Transferring Public Sector Science Research To Universities ( Prospect Science Briefing) (pdf)

  7. Science for agriculture: a long-term perspective By Wallace E. Huffman & Robert Eugene Evenson
    pub Wiley-Blackwell; 2nd edition 2006; 314pp; ISBN-10 0813806887 .( Read it at Google Books )

  8. Crop Variety Improvement and its Effect on Productivity: The Impact of International Agricultural Research
    R E Evenson & D Gollin eds; pub CABI; 2003; 544 pp; ISBN 9780851995496 (CABI bookshop)

  9. Campaign for Science and Engineering in the UK (archives)

  10. Review of the provision of UK Horticultural R & D
    Brian Jamieson and Associates 2008;

  11. A Case Study Analysis and Overview of the UK Horticultural Production Industry
    and its Future over the Next 10-20 Years

  12. Britain's scientific and technological manpower
    by George Louis Payne 1960
    pub Stanford University Press, Oxford University Press pp xiii, 466 45s.
    Copy available chez rch
    Review by J Vaizey

  13. History of Plant Pathology in Great Britain
    G C Ainsworth
    Annual Review of Phytopathology
    Vol. 7: 13-30 (Volume publication date September 1969)

  14. History of Mini Vegetables

    The idea of growing mini vegetables is comparatively recent. The National Vegetable Research Station (now part of Horticultural Research International) conducted trials of direct seeded cauliflowers at various spacings during the late 1960's and early 1970's with some success.

    The work did not continue, however, primarily because supermarket distribution systems were less sophisticated then than they are today and freezing, for which the concept of mini vegetables was originally developed, was far too expensive, due to inadequate machinery.

    Nor was the consumer ready for the up market produce. Commercial trials continued, with Suttons, then in Reading, using cauliflower and cabbage cultivars, but these had been discontinued by 1973.

    Mini vegetables have, however, attracted more interest over the past six years.
    ... ...

  15. Adverse comments in Warwick Univ Students Newspaper

  16. La Science ? bout de souffle?
    Laurent S?galat pub Seuil EAN13 : 9782021002683
    Publisher's note (if you can navigate the Flash) reads
    Les dessous ubuesques de la recherche scientifique.
    "? l?heure o? la recherche publique est en pleine mutation, ce livre pose un regard froid mais non d?passionn? sur les grandes composantes de la recherche scientifique.

    Des effets secondaires n?fastes de la course ? la publication (Publish or Perish)
    aux effets de mode qui pr?cipitent les jeunes chercheurs sur un m?me cr?neau,
    de la tentation de d?signer des centres d?? excellence ?
    au serpent de mer de l??valuation,
    se pose finalement la question de la pertinence :
    la recherche scientifique est-elle efficace, et r?pond-elle bien aux buts qui lui sont fix?s ?
    Une analyse lucide et enlev?e sur un th?me d?actualit? trop souvent ignor?.

    Late breaking news:
    "L?homme inculp? du meurtre de sa belle-m?re, Catherine S?galat,
    "est un c?l?bre g?n?ticien fran?ais,
    "directeur de recherche au CNRS ? Lyon,
    "et auteur d?un livre pol?mique intitul? La science ? bout de souffle."

  17. International comparisons
    The Ca. S. E. Working Paper "Research Funding"(pdf)
    pub. The Campaign for Science and Engineering, 2010 February 16

  18. Professor Mike Wilson
    Spin Profiles cameo at
    with links to
    Select Committe on Agriculture - Wednesday 10 May 2000 - Minutes of Evidence
    Examination of Witnesses (Questions 160-179))
    1.  Professor Michael Wilson, Mr Peter Siddall and Mr David Temperley
    2.  Memorandum submitted by Mr Bernard Sparkes

  19. Biodiversity Heritage Library
    A lot of downloadable books on agriculture at

  20. Google Groups - examples of alternative formats

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