PGRO and Chipping Campden

PGRO, Chipping Campden and Stockbridge


Breaking news (2010 June 03)
As a result of collaboration between the Processors and Growers Research Organisation, Syngenta Seeds, Syngenta Speciality Crops and Yara Fertilisers, the PGRO has set up a new field vegetable demonstration site at its headquarters near Peterborough.

In 1944, the "Home Grown Threshed Peas Joint Committee" was formed
by a group of growers, processors and merchants
to investigate ways of improving the growing, harvesting and usage of dried peas.

In 1956, the field of activity was expanded to include vining peas
and the name became the Pea Growing Research Organisation. 

In 1963 further expansion saw the inclusion of broad beans, dwarf green beans and runner beans.

In 1973,  Ministry support allowed studies on navy beans,
Brussels sprouts, broccoli, carrots and sweet corn
and to reflect this, whilst keeping the acronym of PGRO,
the name was changed to Processors and Growers Research Organisation.

Since 1981, PGRO has contributed to the development of peas and beans,
and more recently lupins, for animal feeding, whilst maintaining its work with vegetables.

Work with carrots was re-introduced in 2002.

During its history, the Organisation has been closely involved
with the production of new plant types,
and new seed and crop protectants have been studied
together with the agronomy and harvesting of new varieties and new ideas on usage.

Founded in 1919,  as an arm of Bristol University,
the Campden site quickly became known as the leading UK authority
on the processing of canned foods.

The fledgling research station grew rapidly,
moving into the new science of frozen foods in the 1950s
and thereafter branching out into all areas of food processing and preservation.

Stockbridge Technology Centre Ltd
"STC was launched in April 2001 to ensure continued technological
developments for the horticultural industry. This grower-led
initiative has created an independent horticultural centre of
excellence supported by both the production and supply sectors of
the industry

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