Pantomime 2

NVRS Pantomime 1982

Gareth Skinner writes
Here are a great load more pics for the NVRS panto section which Brian Smith has already started.

I took all these and Brians at the dress rehersal, hence some unfinished painting on the scenery!

There are only a few names missing in spite of letting a few old staff see them.

All ladies names are maiden names!

Amazing how many heads of section were conned into appearing.
I think this was the show which caused pantos to be banned!!

Oh what a whopper
??, Carol Smith, Di O'Toole, Sue Cadd

Chorus line
Polly Clare, Teresa Mahon, Rosemary Kay, ??, Di O'Toole, ??

Beam me up Scottie
Brian Dowker and Martin Quick

Dads Army
Geoff Freeman, Stefan Buczacki, Martin Quick, Sandy Presly, Les Morris, Graham Collier
Stefan Buczacki, Rosemary Hamilton, Sue Cadd, Polly Clare

Polly Clare, Sue Cadd, Carol Smith, Di O'Toole
Carol Smith, Sue Cadd, Polly Clare, Barbara Symonds, ??, Di O'Toole

Miss World
Alan Scaife, John Ward
(On 9 January 2010, Alan Scaife wrote
In view of our current weather, the most significant date of which I have a record is Jan 13th 1982
when I recorded a minimum temperature in my garden (for the preceding night) of -24?C.
I have particular reason to remember it as I was loafing around that night
in a black off the shoulder gown in the car park waiting to go on-stage
as a Miss World candidate at a rehearsal for the annual panto.
Lindsay Innes was another, as I recall.

Miss World
John Ward, Brian Smith, Alan Scaife, Bill Whitfield

Miss World
George Freeman, John Ward, Brian Smith, Sandy Presly
Alan Scaife, Lindsay Innes, George Freeman, John Ward

George Freeman, John Ward
Elementary my dear Watson
Martin Quick, John Ward

Lindsay Innes, John Ward AND Lindsay Innes, John Ward, Brian Smith

Penny Marsh AND ??

The news
John Ward, Bill Whitfield

The news
Bill Whitfield

Nutcracker suite
Alwyn Thompson, John Hunt, David Suett

John Hunt

Nobody loves a fairy when she's 40
John Hunt    AND     John Hunt, Alwyn Thompson

David Suett, Di O'Toole, Alwyn Thompson
Jean Smith, David Suett

Di O'Toole, Alwyn Thompson, David Suett

Dads Army chorus
??, Polly Clare, Sue Cadd, Barbara Symonds, Rosemary Hamilton, Val Huntingdon

David Suett, Jean Smith AND David Suett, Di O'Toole

Hey big spender
Penny Marsh, Brian Smith

??, Brian Smith, Jimmy Winter, ??

Graham Collier, Jimmy Winter AND Sandy Presly, Jimmy Winter

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