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On 01 January 2010 RCH uploaded

1. Once upon a time
"It was resolved to have a boat race between a Japanese team
and a team representing HRI.
Both teams practised long and hard to reach their peak performance.
On the big day they were as ready as they could be.
The Japanese won by a mile.

Full document here
  - Once_upon_a_time.pdf

For the Meeting of the Steering Committee to be held on 26 October 2009
Establishment of a School of Life Sciences
Draft proposal for the implementation of the School of Life Sciences
Full document here
  -  s43_09-10_reserved_revised_fnl.pdf

On 7 December 2009 Lesley Currah wrote
If you want an immediate contribution from me, how about a link to
the infamous letter in the New Scientist, date 24 Feb 1990, which was
highly critical of the poor record of promoting and encouraging women
staff of IHR or whatever it was known as at the time.  This drew a
reprimand from Swinburne - don't know why as it was all true!  My
letter really aggravated the guys who had done National Service, who
I specifically criticised for their atavistic attitudes - alas, the
situation did not improve much under the next couple of generations
as far as I can see...  No harm in stirring them up again, and
reminding everyone that it was not such an earthly paradise for some
of us working there under daily discouragement.  Even worse, when we
managed to creep up a grade or two with great efforts we got fired
for being too expensive to do the jobs...

I can't tell you how good it was to take off for Texas in March 1986
and land there in brilliant sunshine after the dirty snow of Gatwick,
be greeted by a female boss and meet women of my age who were
actively working on higher degrees, starting firms etc.  And, final
pay-off, I'm now getting an annuity from my US IRA contributions!


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