EU funded projects

Conclusion:- In gaining research funds from the EU,
     - Wellesbourne  did poorly  ... ...
    - Rothamsted did well 
    - John Innes did very well
    - INRA was way out in front (thats the whole of INRA, n.b.)

Data:- The figure shows the cumulated numbers of R&D projects co-funded by the European Union
at NVRS/WHRI (green),
     at  Rothamsted (yellow),
     at  John Innes (red), and
     at the whole of INRA (blue).
The data were obtained from the European Commission's database 'Cordis' (

Note:- See also the article of 8 April 2010  in the Times Higher Education
    John Innes comes top of the list of citations per paper (only papers in journals indexed by Thomson Reuters)
        INRA (among others) published more papers than JI (6,199 compared with JI's 1,134) 
        and INRA had more citations overall than JI (75,164 compared with JI's 42, 568)
        but JI had more "impact" (citations per paper)

See also the page comparing the funding of agricultural research in the USA, FR, and UK
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