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Units and Institutes of the Agricultural Research Council

Following the 1993 Government White Paper "Realising our Potential"

Research Councils were reorganised -

"The pressures from Government were in many ways reflected
by the large presence of MAFF on the Research Council  . . .
"... a large amount of the research that had originally been
within the [AFRC]
was transferred to MAFF...."
Professor Blundell's evidence to the BSE Inquiry
   (copy available in our archive)

In 1997 MAFF (=Defra) spent UKP 12,111,080 on science and research projects
at their CSL-Sand Hutton laboratory and at HRI/WHRI.
In 2009 Defra spent UKP 16,954,649 
on projects at Sand Hutton and at WHRI.

During that period the percentage share for Sand Hutton  increased 
from 39.7%  1997 to 63.4% 2009 - area in red,
and the percentage share for HRI declined  - area in yellow in the graph:

(source "Defra Science and Research Projects

For more on Defra's spending on horticultural research see the page Defra and the Ministry of Agriculture

And Out went not only NVRS / HRI but also ...

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