A little history of NVRS

A little history of the National Vegetable Research Station, Wellesbourne

for the names of the people in the photo see this page

The first part of this history will come from the leaflet "25 years of NVRS" written by Arnold Dunn

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And the rest of it is written by you!

  1. Charlie Clutterbuck has created Whats Going On @ Wellesbourne - "This page is aimed to help save the Warwick (HRI)  Research station."

  2. Nick Weatheritt has written a full page of memoirs

  3. Carol Barkworth found us pictures of Prince Charles, the Raft Race, and yet more Pantomime

  4. John Fennell found us an article published in The Countryman AND the vegetable cartoons

  5. Tania Page found us aerial photos, both new and old

  6. Chris Hole found the webpage of The Dene River Jazz men
  7. David Wurr provided a Photo Album (including the Runner Beans), Press Cuttings,  a Pantomime programme, and worse

  8. Gareth Skinner found more Photos , more Pantomime photos, and another Press cutting

  9. Lesley Currah reminds me of her letter to the New Scientist "which was highly critical of the poor record of promoting and encouraging women staff of IHR or whatever it was known as at the time. ... " (more)

    Found it!  Lesley's letter is worth reading in full
    See ref. New Scientist 24 February 1990 by LESLEY CHURCH (sic)

    For example:-

    "... Would it be sensible to recommend a career in British science
    to a daughter or granddaughter?

    "Personally, I would not do so until
    the last of the National Service-influenced 1950s generation of men,
    now so prevalent on promotion and selection boards,
    leave the scene and take their misogynist attitudes with them ..."

    Lesley Currah
    AFRC Institute of Horticultural Research

  10. Lynton Incoll put on line the  History and Records of the UK Controlled Environment Users' Group
    (for example Cabinet Users' Meeting, Rothamsted, November 16 1968 Transcribed from duplicated copies by L.D. Incoll, 26/7/2008 )

  11. Please send me more

  12. Google already found these

Please send more contributions to the webmeister (RCH)
n.b. Wikipedia's article on the "Horticulture Research International" is  just a 'stub'.  Wikipedia says  "Please help improve this article by expanding it".
Eventually we could perhaps do this.

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With thanks to Brendan H.
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