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Bruxelles, le 04-04-2010
Easter Sunday
     52962 re: Re: Stop the Closure of Wellesbourne
Dear All
A colleague suggests that we need
'a central information office for items relating
specifically to the threat to HRI'.
    NVRS-HRI-GG will certainly do its bit. One thing that we can
try to help with is to use our archives, contacts and spare
time to follow up some of the rumours and queries that are
flying around.
(1) There is a rumour that <<the University has plans, once it
has closed WHRI, to develop rather more than what is currently
shown on the Stratford District Council planning map>>.
    Hence the new page
http://groups.google.com/group/nvrs-hri-gg/web/proposed-development-site (It would not be the first time that a University has tried to take over an agricultural establishment and develop its land - we all know what went on between Imperial and Wye College - and the farms of several other former ARC Research Stations are now just housing estates.)
(2) There is an unanswered question <<How much tax payer's money
was spent at WHRI and is now at risk?>>
    We think that the total capital spend was UKP 44.242 million; but
if someone out there really knows how to dissect a balance
sheet, our archive
http://groups.google.com/group/nvrs-hri-gg/web/reports-and-accounts has the full set of accounts from 1995 to 2006, ready to download.
    Richard Hardwick
? email: RCH@SKYNET.BE ?
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